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Biomass Energy


What is Biomass?

Biomass is any organic material made from plants and animals.

Examples of biomass material are:

  1. Agricultural Residue - Picture to the right shows cotton gin waste. (top picture)
    1. Switchgrass
    2. Cotton Gin Waste (briquette made of cotton gin waste-2nd picture down)
    3. Grape, Olive & Fruit Pomace
    4. Oat Hulls
    5. Coffee Bean Hulls
    6. Miscanthus
    7. Nut Shells, Skins and Hulls
    8. Corn Husk & Cobs
    9. Wheat Mids
    10. Bagasse (4th picture down)
  2. Wood Waste - Picture to the right shows CD waste. (5th picture down)
    1. Construction & Demolition Material
    2. Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF)
    3. Sawdust and Sanding Dust

    4. Bark, Shavings, Cut-Offs (3rd picture down)
    5. Pulp & Paper Waste
    6. Pallets & Mulch
  3. Animal & Municipal Waste
    1. Bedding
    2. Manure
    3. Litter
    4. Dairy Washdown
    5. Organic Municipal Solids
    6. Industrial/Commercial Waste

    7. Wood Crates & Pallets
    8. Paper/Cardboard
    9. Pulp

The applications for solid biomass fuels are numerous and the supply of biomass materials is seemingly endless.

Biomass Briquette Systems offers several engineered packages that will convert dry biomass material into solid fuel briquettes. The larger BBS systems use PLC controls and a touch screen control panel that automate the entire process from the in-feed conveyor to the output of the finished briquette.

The smaller BBS systems are hydraulic machines that work for smaller scale operations.